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Pure DC is about capturing a city and everything it has to offer. From historical landmarks and marvelous scenes, to refreshing happy hours and places to unwind, Washington can be argued as a place that has it all.

A small network of photographers post their work from different social events, landmarks, and sites in the Metropolitan DC area. In turn we help promote the businesses and night clubs we feature, and the awesome natural beauty this area has to offer.

We are launching this website with one of the most historic events coming to DC, the 2009 Presidential Inauguration. We currently have photographers walking around our nation's capital capturing this momentous occasion all around the District.

Watch History in the making, capture a moment in time!

Random useless pieces of Knowledge

Some people might call it small talk, some say chit chat, maybe even bar talk. Whatever you refer to all the random, useless pieces of knowledge people might talk about, this section is for that. Maybe you will find something here that you really thought was interesting, or just plain stupid. But I promise at one point or another, you will refer to one of these facts to someone else, and then smile. I promise, they’re awesome things to break a silence, when something is needed. If i am wrong about my random facts, please let me know, I'm not perfect. But i do try and confirm anything that goest up, its not just drunken rumors I've heard.

  • The Mosquito is the worlds most deadliest creature, killing over 2 million people a year
  • Resvertrol, found in Red wine, might be our "Fountain of Youth" in a Pill. Read More..
  • The Pope has followed President Obama's lead by starting his own You Tube Channel
  • Right now we are gaining an average of 3 minutes of sunlight every day
  • Have you ever wondered where is 'J' street in DC? In 1791 in the English alphabet the letter 'J' resembled an 'I' so much they thought people would get lost trying to navigate the streets, with J and I so close together in the alphabet. I guess common sense was more common back then compared to today...
  • Jack Daniels and Patron are 2 spirits that can not be consumed where they are made. You won't find Patron for sale in Mexico, and Jack is made in a dry county.
  • Did you know honey never expires? But then why does the FDA require an expiration date for it? Those guys that made up the streets need to talk to the FDA...
  • Ice melts approx. 30% when room temperature liquor hits it


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-Springfield Motorsport and The Northern Virginia Mustang Club Featured at the Wasnington Auro Show. Check out the Cars Here





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We specialize in event photography such as office functions (promotions, cocktail hours/receptions, or fundraisers), social events (birthdays, anniversaries, retirements), and weddings.

If you would like to inquire about services, or become a friend and have some of you work posted here, please send me an email.